The Hovawart Club of Great Britain


Breed Specific Statistics – 1st January 2001 to 31st December 2016

Hip scores should be considered along with other criteria as part of a responsible breeding programme, and it is recommended that breeders choose breeding stock with hip scores around and ideally below the breed median score, depending on the level of hip dysplasia (HD) in the breed. HD status of parents, siblings and progeny for Kennel Club registered dogs should also be considered, and these together with a three generation Health Test Pedigree may be downloaded via the Health Test Results Finder, available on the Kennel Club’s online health tool Mate Select (

For further advice on the interpretation and use of UK hip scores see

It is well worth reading the excellent article by Ruth Dennis: Interpretation and use of BVA/KC hip scores in dogs

The breed median score is the score of the ‘average’ dog in that breed (i.e. an equal number of dogs in that breed have better and worse scores).



No. scored in 15 years                 15 year Range                  15 year Median               5 year Median

96                                                     0 - 37                                 8                                         8


The BVA publish a comparison chart for UK hip scoring compared to other scoring systems, which can be found here: Comparison Of Various Assessment Schemes For Hip Dysplasia. This is useful information for anyone considering importing a puppy, or using an overseas stud dog, or comparing hip scores in pedigrees from imported or overseas ancestors.