The Hovawart Club of Great Britain

Hovawart Items for Sale

All items available by contacting John Sharpe on 01743 891310 or by email: You can pay by cheque (sterling) or by requesting a paypal invoice (email address required). Please add 10% for postage + packing for delivery in the UK (minimum £1), for Europe please add 20% (minimum £2), and elsewhere please add 30% (minimum £3). Items will be posted once payment is received.

New Hovawart Cold-Cast Bronze model
Modelled and cast by John Stanbridge.
Very limited supplies, exclusive to the HCGB. Features a dog and bitch couple. £125, plus £15 postage to UK, £20 Europe, overseas please ask.

Other items for sale include:

Club Calendar 2019                                        £07.50                                

An Owner’s Guide to the Hovawart               £10.00

Book “The Hovawart”        (U.S.A)               £14.99                           

Border Fine Arts  painted b/g  sitting model  £40.00

Wooden  Jigsaw    (Amish)                            £11.50                                                       

Czech   Car Stickers               large                £20.00

                                                Medium           £11.00          

                                                Small               £06.00

Czech  Key Ring                                            £09.00

                                                Pendant           £10.00

                                                Ring Clip        £10.00

Ring Clip (standing dog)                                £15.00

Key Ring (standing dog)                                £09.00

Pens                                                                 £00.30 

Button Badges                                              £01.50

Tote Bags   (white or black)                           £03.50

Tea Towels                                                     £03.50

Club Sticker                                                    £01.00

Three Head Sticker                                         £02.00

Fridge Magnets                                               £01.00                                                    

Clocks                                                             £07.50

Rucksack                                                        £10.00

Polo Shirts                                                      £15.00