The Hovawart Club of Great Britain
Can you provide a good home for a Hovawart?

Can you provide a good home for a Hovawart?

From time to time we are asked to find a new home for a Hovawart. Details of any Hovawart requiring rehoming will be placed here.

Dogs for rehoming do not come up often (thankfully) but when they do, it can be for any reason and they can be of any age. We are therefore keen to ensure a stable and suitable new home is found.

If you have a Hovawart that needs rehoming, please contact us first as we will do all we can to ensure it is placed at the most suitable home possible.

Send Us Your Details

If you would like to rehome a Hovawart then contact us with your details and we will let you know when a suitable dog comes up for rehoming.

Please remember it does not happen often so do not expect to hear from us too soon.

Email with your name, details and any experience with hovawarts.