The Hovawart Club of Great Britain
Hovawart Stud Dog

Hovawart Stud Dog

The HCGB will publish on this page a list of owners who would consider using their dogs at stud.

This list is confined to club members who are signed up to the code of ethics, with which they should be familiar, and who have submitted all results of required health tests, (which must be within the guidelines) to the breed health co-ordinator. Hip scores and DM tests are only done once, thyroid tests should be updated every two years.

Code of ethics
To breed only from hip scored dogs or bitches, or those which have foreign grades passed for breeding. The breeder will not breed from bitches or dogs with a hip score of over 20, or where the combined score of a mating will exceed 25 in total.
Not to breed from a dog or bitch resident in the UK until a blood test has
shown that the thyroid function is within the normal range valid at the date and time of the test. A copy of the result of the blood test to be forwarded to the Club Secretary for publication in the Year Book and inclusion in the Clubs Health Register.
The blood test should include Free T4, Total T4, Anti-thyroglobulin antibodies (TgAA) and cTSH, and should be conducted no more than 2 years prior to the mating. Breeders should be aware that the results may be affected by various drug therapies, and bitches being in season.

Disclaimer: It is entirely up to the breeder to ensure that health tests are up-to-date and that temperaments and pedigrees are suitable for breeding. The inclusion of any dog on this list is not an indication of approval by the club.